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Sector Security Sector ADS Bodyguard Fileković

GPS surveillance

Sailors had been using trigonometry for ages in order to determine their position at the open sea, using the combination of position of three stars. Today, Global Positioning System (GPS) is the most modern satellite radio-navigation system designed for global positioning. It is the only system which provides a precise 3D position, speed and accurate time of an object 24 hours a day, regardless of atmospheric conditions and more exact than any other radio – navigation system so far.

This system enables car, boat or plain owners to determine the accurate position and other parameters of their vehicles at any time, and it also provides best protection from stealing.

This system is also used by shipping and transport companies because of better planning and inspection in their rolling – stock schedule and the exact position of the fleet, as well as by insurance companies.

GPS online tracking

Modern technology solutions for managing vehicles, advanced online system, enabled the control, monitoring and surveillance of moving objects - all types of vehicles, vessels, aircraft or pets – GPS Online Tracking.
Vehicle tracking system was developed as a modern web application with a simple and convenient use.

This application form allows virtual access from anywhere you are via the Internet. Of course access is protected by username and password, and modern communication protocols (SSL), which are used in internet banking systems.

The system for managing motor pool designed as a web application does not require additional investment in infrastructure and its own hardware. To use an ordinary PC is required with Internet access and web browser.

Implementation of these services is not recommended  only for  the transport companies but is recomended  for the others who need supervision and monitoring of vehicles, vessels or transported  items for the safety, capacity optimization, monitoring of fuel consumption, traveled road, etc.

On this bases companies can realize significant financial savings in terms of cost reduction and fleet fuel consumption, they can increase efficiency and productivity, reduce paperwork, and it is possible and instantaneously access to activities in the field and has improved the protection of vehicle theft.



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