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Sector Security Sector ADS Bodyguard Fileković

Fire - signaling systems

Accidents which involve fire, threats to life and property demand faultless technical and fully functional signalization systems, team competence and sophisticated equipment.

Sector Security uses high quality detectors, centralized systems for servicing, signalization, automatization and fire signalization. Among signalizators are buzzers or flashers, automatic apparatus for fire extinguishing, waterproof door handles or ventilation and electric toggles.

We use classic fire signaling systems with the centralized system with many entrances or zones. We install detectors in every zone, so that the switchboard can easily spot the fire in each zone.

We also install addressable systems which work on principle of splash detection and every detector has its own address. Apart from these, we also use analogue addressable devices which are modern, safer, faster and more sensitive because of the possibility to adjust the alarm level on every detector, and because they are adaptable to surrounding conditions and can signalize exact fire position.



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