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Sector Security Sector ADS Bodyguard Fileković

Career in Sector Security

Having in mind the fact that success of company lies in people, Sector Security pays attention to selecting quality employees. We offer them practical and theoretical knowledge in our organized system of education. Sector Security is a dynamic working environment in which ambitious people with the energy and those who reach the success by following the highest business ethics, could gain their full affirmation.

Every candidate, after filling the employment questionnaire has interview and skills test.

When the candidate is accepted as a permanent employee is obliged to respect company s ethical Code of Ethics which declares that:

  • Every employee is obliged to conduct its professional duties in concordance with the law and the highest ethical principals
  • Every employee is obliged to follow the principals of professional objectiveness, responsibility and efficiency
  • Every employee is obliged to have his professional work done with responsibility and diligence
  • Every employee is obliged to keep confidential information and prevent it from disclosure and misusage.
  • Every employee is obliged to maintain professional relationship with colleagues and at all times give assisstance

Every new employee has to read our Welcome book with the most important information about the company Sector Security, as well as very useful advice, policy and standards of business conduct and communication.


We recommend:

Anti - burglary systems

Properties of individuals and organizations that are exposed to safety risks are protected by the most quality anti burglary and theft systems. Alarm signalization could be with sound or light alert, and we also use movement detectors, noise, vibration and glass breaking detectors, magnet contacts and IR barriers and detectors


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