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Sector Security Sector ADS Bodyguard Fileković

Sector Security Academy

Our employees are the most important resource for us. We are always there to serve to various and different needs of our clients with constant investing in our team of educated and trained professionals. Sector Security Academy was established due to need for permanent education and training in the segment of security. As our company is the only member of IBSSA - International Bodyguard & Security Services Association from Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have an obligation to be a step ahead in front of the other companies in the field of security in the region.

Sector Security Academy offers to all professionals in the field of security an opportunity to develop their own skills and professional capabilities. All programs are customised to most respectable programs of world known security associations. Sector Security Academy lecturers are eminent experts which theoretical and practical knowledge is carried out in line with world standards.
Sector Security Academy has a library with wide spectar of expert literature and security videos. Complexity of our trainings makes that Sector Security Academy has numerous courses which contribute to:

  • Developing skills of demanding operatives
  • Making the process of internal organisation better and increasing the capacity of the management proceedures
  • Following and applying new technologies in the field of physical and technical security
  • Acquiring new knowledge from world most famous lecturers.

We recommend:

Video Surveillance

The need for video surveillance in regular daily business situations as well as in hazardous situations adds one vital element to security projects – prevention.


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