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Sector Security Sector ADS Bodyguard Fileković

Protection of documents


Why microfilm?

From its appearance in the 19th Century, microfilm had proved its versatility, being recognized as a valid legal document along with a paper copy. Beside the storage space, paper documentation requires special conditions for long term keeping. Microfilm saves 95% on the storage space, when compared to paper archives. Long life, print quality, independence from advancements in IT and possibility of conversions to digital media make microfilm irreplaceable part of every modern documentation system.

Digital archiving

Sector ADS  is equipped with professional flow archiving scanners capable of scanning of large volumes of documentation.

This high-end technology, backed by our trained staff, enable us to offer vast number of services, i.e. implementation of digital archives, production of single-volume archives with browser, Web archives setup, archives back-up, etc.

The system can be allocated at our premises, thus giving you opportunity to save funds that should have gone into pruchasing, installation and maintenance of hardware and software solutions.



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